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Everything you need to master the diatonic harmonica in the (other) palm of your hand.

There are a ton of Youtube channels, online courses and websites dedicated to helping people learn harmonica, but no apps that put everything you need in one easy to access, streamlined place. Until now…

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Optimize your health, inner-harmony, & happiness with daily harmonica practice.

Learn, practice, & connect with other dedicated harmonica players on your phone, desktop, tablet, or Ipad.


Frequently Asked Questions

There's nothing like BENDR. Here's why.

BENDR isn't comparable to other online harmonica courses, youtube channels, or apps. The vast majority of harmonica instructional material offered online is limited in its formatting and resources. BENDR, on the other hand, puts everything you need in the palm of your hand so you can learn on the go, anywhere, anytime.

There are 2 membership types: "Starter" & "Ultimate". The former gives you access to a technique library, beginner/intermediate courses, song & riff collections, and basic chat forums. BENDR's higher tier features a wide array of premium courses, songs, riffs, backing tracks, pro forums, and other learning tools to help you seriously level up on this instrument. The "Ultimate" tier also offers courses on how to make a living as a pro harmonica player and how to develop professional music career habits & routines.

100%. BENDR has loads of unique and effective instruction on every harmonica technique under the sun. With videos, graphics, charts, written explanations, exercises & more you’ll learn quickly and effectively whether you’re a visual, auditory or kinaesthetic learner. At BENDR we leave no stone unturned - or rather no note unbent 🙂

Nope! BENDR is useful for complete beginners all the way up to aspiring and seasoned pros.

You bet! Both membership tiers offer 14 day free trials so you can access all premium features with zero risk or upfront payment.

BENDR's Origin Story

About the Founder

Though the BENDR app is new to the market, its roots can be traced back to Toronto in 2013 when a young university music grad named Bryn hung a sign on his front porch that read The Bryn Scott-Grimes Harmonica School. Inside, he propped his mattress up against the wall making room for 2 chairs, affixing a white board he’d found on the side of the road to the wall. 

For nearly a decade, Bryn helped hundreds of people learn the world’s most beloved pocket-instrument 1 on 1, clocking over 3,000 hour long in-person lessons. During this time, Bryn also made a living as a solo artist, sideman, & session harmonica player.

Fast forward to 2023: Bryn rebranded all his knowledge into one streamlined app, launching BENDR to serve the worldwide harmonica community helping people not only enjoy & master the instrument, but also achieve robust respiratory health and complete freedom of artistic self-expression & creativity.

Make all your harp confusion, frustration, and disappointment a thing of the past.

Inhale Now 🙂

The #1 Harmonica App.

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